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Fine Art is my Philosophy. It has given me the reason to exist. Art is the purest, most unmediated contact I have with Life. I am trying to bring out the full potential of everything constituting my life: every particle, element, and material. I strive to give them a good long life as they deserve. This is the way I thank them for constructing the world I exist.

My art practice is interdisciplinary. On one hand I use primordial tradition of art making, mostly canvases and papers. My pictorial world is my expression of impressions concerning life. It is the science of me, my toys, and my green tea. They are a hybrid of traditional paintings, dreams, and cartoons. On the other hand, my art is everything I do. A single artistic metaphor and process can be used for varied activities, such as being a mother, driving, and working. In art practice attitude matters the most, not the materials. I follow the principle of naomism.

Art and Mottainai (moat-TYE-NYE) culture influences everything I do. In Japan everything in the world has a spirit, even a word you speak. Mottainai means to regret concerning waste. It also refers to more than just physical waste such as collection of action or attitude. My hyper-economical way of thinking created my palette �one color at a time, next color when necessary� this influenced the results of my paintings. At work, I support artists who have social and economic difficulties due to one of the most misunderstood and dishonored disability. I feel Mottainai to see their talent being wasted. Art enables society�s definition of uselessness into gifts. I try to pay attention to even to the least things which are constructing my life, to me everything matters because of art.


2007 ~ present  Art Director, the Wellness and Advocacy Center, Santa Rosa, CA

2015 ”Mind Alchemy by Art” National Alternatives Conference 2015 Memphis, TN

2013 Creating art workshops for children and youth, Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

2013 ”Breaking Ground Thinker Series” Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

2010 “Inspirational Salon Season 2” Center for the Creative Arts Therapy Santa Rosa, CA

2009 “Community Mental Health Lecture Series” recommended for clinical staff, Santa Rosa, CA

2009 “Northern California Mental Health & Spirituality Conference” Alameda, CA

2006 Art workshops,  Shepard Elementary School & other local schools, Santa Rosa, CA

2005 Art workshop for children, Sonoma Museum of Visual Art, Santa Rosa, CA


2016 Mental Health Peer Support Specialist Certificate, Sonoma County

2004 Applied Graphics vocational Certificate SRJC

1991 Graduate study in MFA program, San Francisco Art Institute

1989 BFA San Francisco Art Institute


naomi murakami
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